Aug 22, 2016 FDA Decision Boosts Beta-O2's Artificial Pancreas
Dec 8, 2015 BioControl INOVATE-HF Study Discontinued Following Interim Analysis Showing Statistical Futility in the Primary Efficacy Endpoint
Aug 27, 2015 BioControl Medical Completes Enrollment in the INOVATE-HF Study of the CardioFit System to Treat Heart Failure
Mar 30, 2015 Beta-O2 Names Dr. Yuval Avi CEO. Sherpa Innoventures Joins List of Company Investors
Feb 19, 2015 Beta-O2's ßAir Bio-Artificial Adrenal Device Shows Potential to Treat Adrenocortical Insufficiency and Other Stress-Related Disorders
Oct 21, 2014 First Patient Successfully Implanted in Safety / Efficacy Study of Beta-O2's ßAir Bio-Artificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes
Sep 10, 2014 Beta-O2 Technologies Receives Grant from JDRF to Advance Clinical Development of the ßAir Bio-Artificial Pancreas as a Potential Cure for Type 1 Diabetes
Aug 29, 2014 BioControl Medical Crosses Important Enrollment Milestone in INOVATE-HF Study Evaluating CardioFit® System in Heart Failure
Jan 7, 2014 Encapsulate THIS. Nature Medicine Article on Islet Cell Encapsulation
Oct 29, 2013 Beta-O2 Technologies Presents Results of First-In-Human Transplantation of Human Islets Without Immunosuppression
Mar 26, 2013 U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approves Full Expansion of BioControl Medical's INOVATE-HF Study of its CardioFit® System for Treatment of Heart Failure
Dec 11, 2012 European Journal of Heart Failure Lauds BioControl Medical's Research on Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Treating Heart Failure
Dec 3, 2012 BioControl Medical's VNS Technology Shown Effective for Treating Epilepsy
Nov 8, 2012 Pilot Study Extension Results Indicate Long-Term Treatment Durability with BioControl Medical's CardioFit System
Oct 8, 2012 St. Jude Medical Announces Launch of its MediGuide Technology
Jul 11, 2012 BioControl Medical Gets Nod to Begin Second Phase of the INOVATE-HF Study of its CardioFit System
Jun 1, 2012 BioControl Medical's INOVATE-HF Study Design Published in the American Heart Journal
Jun 14, 2011 CerebralRx, a Spin-Off of BioControl Medical, Launches FitNeS Neuromodulation System for Treating Epilepsy
Apr 27, 2011 Trig Medical Launches LaborPro in the U.S.
Apr 26, 2011 BioControl Medical Launches its INOVATE-HF IDE Study of its CardioFit System for Heart Failure
Nov 3, 2010 BioControl Medical Obtains IDE Approval for its INOVATE-HF Study
Sep 21, 2010 Deep Breeze Launches VRIxp Pulmonary Imaging System in U.S. Emergency Departments
May 30, 2010 FDA Clears VRIxp for Aiding in Diagnosis and Patient Management
May 24, 2010 Medtronic to Invest $70m in BioControl Medical, Obtains an Option to Buy the Company
Sep 1, 2009 TransPharma Completes Phase II Trial of ViaDerm hPTH for Osteoporosis
Aug 21, 2009 Trig Medical Wants to Take Childbirth Experience on a Multimedia Trip
Jan 7, 2009 BioControl Medical's CardioFit System Obtains CE Mark
Dec 22, 2008 St. Jude Medical Acquires MediGuide for $300 Million
Dec 15, 2008 TransPharma Obtains CE Mark for its Transdermal Drug Delivery Device
Jun 12, 2008 Eli Lilly and TransPharma Announce Licensing and Development Agreement
Dec 13, 2007 MediGuide Obtains CE Mark for its Medical Positioning System and its MPS-Enabled Guided Measurement Catheter
Nov 29, 2007 QuantomiX Acquired by El-Mul Technologies
Aug 23, 2007 MediGuide Preform First-in-Man Trial with its Guided Medical Positioning System
Aug 9, 2007 Deep Breeze VRIxp Non-Invasive, Radiation Free Pulmonary Imaging System Obtains FDA Clearance
Jul 9, 2007 TransPharma Presents Positive Results of Phase I Trial of ViaDerm hPTH for Osteoporosis
Mar 7, 2007 Can-Fite Completes NIS 40 Million Private Placement
Mar 7, 2007 Procognia Raises NIS 43 Million in Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange IPO
Jan 8, 2007 BioControl Launches International, Multi-Center, Clinical Study of the CardioFit System for Heart Failure
Nov 12, 2006 CanFite BioPharma Presents Study Results of CF101 in Rheumatoid Arthritis
July 24, 2006 TransPharma Medical Completes $18 Million Series C Financing Round
July 12, 2006 Johnson & Johnson Acquires Colbar for $159m
May 17, 2006 Canfite BioPharma Completes NIS 30 Million Fund Raising
Apr 26, 2006 AMS Acquires BioControl's Miniaturo Electrical Stimulation Urology Platform
Mar 20, 2006 Stryker Corporation Acquires Sightline Technologies for $140 Million
Jan 24, 2006 CanFite Signs Cooperative R&D Agreement with th National Institute of Health
Sep 26, 2005 CanFite BioPharma Raises NIS 45 Million on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange
Sep 14, 2005 Revolutionary Lung Imaging Technology, Vibration Response Imaging, Obtains CE Mark
Aug 23, 2005 SightLine Technologies Raises $10 Million in Series D Financing
Sep 7, 2004 Colbar Completes $7.25 Million Series D Financing Round
Jun 30, 2004 Can-Fite Initiates Multi-Center Phase I Trial of CF101 in Combination with Chemotherapy for Various Solid Tumors
Mar 23, 2004 SightLine Technologies Receives FDA Approval for ColonoSight for Diagnosis and Treatment of Colorectal Cancer
Mar 8, 2004 Beta-O2 Technologies Raises $2 Million in Seed Financing
Jan 6, 2004 CanFite's CF101 Shown Effective in Restraining Growth of Cancerous Tumors
Aug 14, 2003 Quantomix Raises $3.5 Million in Series B Financing Round
Jun 11, 2003 CanFite BioPharma Completes $12 Million Financing Round
Jun 10, 2003 TransPharma Raises $8.9 Million in Second Round of Financing
Apr 13, 2003 Vitalife Life Sciences Ventures Closes $50 Million Fund